OnePlus 5 to be soon launched in a new coloured variant

There are speculations that the OnePlus 5 can have a variation of yellow or blue

OnePlus is likely to launch a coloured variant of its flagship OnePlus 5 model. The new colour, likely to be launched this month is expected to be unlike the present variants who are available in dark shades.

India Today reported that it will be unlikely that the new version will have any serious up-gradation in terms of hardware. It seems too early for those changes as the mobile was launched only a few months back.

Though not yet revealed, there are speculations that the colour of the new phone will be a variation of yellow or blue. At present the model comes in midnight black and slate grey colours.

 The OnePlus 5 model has gained mixed reviews ever since its launch. Though the phone has been a success, people have criticised various aspects of the phone from its design to its camera’s performance.

Technology blogs have written about its screen which has been mounted upside down. Further, its telephoto lens lacking true optical 2X zoom has also been talked about.

On the contrary, many reviewers have also praised the phone as versatile and swift. Its smooth functioning and performance, which OnePlus is known for have garnered rave reviews.

The high-end dual SIM phone powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is priced at Rs 32999. It has 6GB and 8GB RAM variants, having internal storage capacity of 64GB and 128GB respectively. It has three cameras out of which two are placed at the back.

Source: moneycontrol       Source Link: CLICK HERE          Date: Sunday  August 6, 2017
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