LG Confirms The V30 Will Feature A Curved OLED Display

South Korean tech giant LG is set to launch its new flagship smartphone, the V30, in Berlin on August 31 (I will be attending the launch so stay tuned for updates in real time on that day), but several crucial details about the handset have been revealed — some unofficially via sources, some officially via LG.

In a press release that was sent out today, LG announced its “next major smartphone” will sport an OLED panel. The release goes on to explain that one of the benefits of OLED displays is that “the edges can be curved to allow for a more ergonomic design and a better feel in the hand.”

LG’s press release is intentionally vague, perhaps to maintain the aura of its launch event. For example, the release doesn’t name this “next smartphone”, and it didn’t say outright that the device will have a curved screen. But everybody in the industry knows LG is talking about the V30, and the curved screen has been rumored for a while. I made this guess, in fact, last month.

LG V30 reveal

That’s not all the news on the upcoming device to emerge today. The guys at Android Authority have an exclusive report citing sources saying that the V30 will sport a 6-inch OLED display, and that it will do away with the second screen that has been a signature of the V line since it began in late 2015. The V30, Android Authority writes, will instead have a “floating bar” that will provide similar features to the second screen.

lg v30

The V20 (left) and its bigger, heavier, more rugged older brother, the V10.

The secondary display was a feature that many reviewers dismissed as pointless, though I quite liked it (Chinese company Meizu, in fact, will release a new flagship with a secondary screen in a few days). It’s worth noting that with the elimination of the second screen and drastically slimming of bezels, the V30 should be a much smaller phone compared to the V10 and V20.

Going OLED was a long-awaited move for LG, which is actually the leading OLED panel maker in the world. When I visited LG’s headquarters last fall, I asked the company’s mobile team why their phones hadn’t gone OLED, and they indicated that they wanted to, but were waiting for LG Display to scale up in order to match demand.

It would appear then, that LG Display is finally ready to share the wealth.


Source: forbes       Source Link: CLICK HERE          Date: Saturday  August 5, 2017
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