Evan Blass gives us a first look at the upcoming Nokia 8

Nokia 8: Is it True

After teasing us with a close-up image of a dual-lens camera, which was assumed to be from an upcoming Nokia device, the infamous blogger and phone leaker Eva

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n Blass has finally given us an official render of the upcoming Nokia 8.

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Nokia, the brand that was once essentially omnipresent, was ill-prepared for the smartphone era and lost its competitive edge in the Android vs. iOS war. Many thought Nokia would disappear into oblivion forever, and that’s why the announcement that a Finnish startup called HMD would be making Android-powered smartphones under the Nokia name was so surprising. We’ve already seen devices like the Nokia 3, 5, and 6 launch in several markets, the last of which sold out in just one minute in China.

However, things started to get even more interesting when a video surfaced in May, showing a mysterious unannounced Nokia-branded smartphone. Shortly after, we saw alleged photos of a prototype of this high-end device. Rumors claimed that Nokia would launch at least one more phone – something more high-end – dubbed the Nokia 8 or the Nokia 9 (or even both). Well, according to Evan Blass, it’s the Nokia 8 that we’ve been seeing the past few months, and it’ll be the company’s first Android-powered flagship device.

As you can see, the design seems to match what we saw before: in the promo video as well as in the images published by FrAndroid, we saw the exact same dual-lens set-up on the back of the phone. As expected, the Nokia 8 will come with two rear-facing cameras with Carl Zeiss optics. It should also feature a 5.3-inch QHD screen as well as a Snapdragon 835 processor. Indeed, it looks very similar to the three Nokia smartphones that are available right now, except it has a home button which presumably doubles as a fingerprint scanner.

Will there be a Nokia 9 that might be more in line with what we’d expect from a 2017 flagship?

Nokia 8

We will see very soon as Evan Blass claims the phone could be unveiled as early as July 31.

Would you spend over $600 or ₹38,000 on the Nokia 8? Do you think Nokia will ever be able to compete with companies like Samsung and Apple? Let us know!



Source: androidauthority       Source Link: CLICK HERE          Date: Tuesday  July 18, 2017
(Image Credits: androidauthority )

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